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Baby Names: 78

Abigail - Head of a monastery
Adena - Delicate; Sensual; Voluptous; decoration
Amy - Dearly loved
Ana - Grace; Favour
Angela - Angel
Anna - Favor; Grace
Anne - God's grace
Arianna - Very holy one
Aung - Success
Beata - Divinely blessed; blessed
Belinda - Beautiful woman
Beth - Mountain stream
Beyonce - Beyonce \be-yonce, beyo(n)-ce\ as a girl's name is of Contemporary origin. Invented name. Singer Beyonce Knowles.

Baby names that sound like Beyonce are Benicia and Benecia. Other similar baby names are Beyonca, Berenice, Bernice, Bernyce, Berenyce, Beranyce, Beranice and Byanca.
Bonnie - Sweet; Good
Chanda - Name of the Goddess Devi
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