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Aala - She who hunts and heals
Abaigeal - Bringer of joy
Adelisa - Of the nobility; Noble
Ady - noble kind
Afifa - Afifa \a-fi-fa\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Afifa sounds like Aviva, Avivi and Avivah. Other similar baby names are Afiwa, Afia and Atifa.
Aley - Aley \a-ley\ as a girl's name is a variant of Allie. See for origin and meaning of Aley.

The baby name Aley sounds like Ailey, Ally, Alea and Alley. Other similar baby names are Adey, Alvy, Amey, Alby, Alfy and Arley.
Allene - Fair; Good-looking
Allison - Of nobility; Noble
Alyssah - great happiness
Amena - honest, faithful
Anamari - Grace; Bitter
Angelic - Angel; Heavenly messenger
Arria - brings rain
Azhara - Flower
Berit - Splendid
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