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Kaalyn - Kaalyn \ka(al)-yn\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Kaalyn sounds like Kaylyn, Kalyn, Kailyn and Kaelyn. Other similar baby names are Karlyn, Karalyn, Kamlyn and Katlyn.
Kaitlinn - Unknown
Kaity - pure
Kalei - the flower wreath; the beloved; the flower wreath; the beloved
Kary - Flows like water
Katana - Katana \k(a)-ta-na\ as a girl's name is a variant of Ka- (American). See for meaning of Katana.

The baby name Katana sounds like Katina and Katena. Other similar baby names are Kalana, Kayana, Matana and Natana.
Katrina - Pure; Innocent
Keilana - glory; calmness
Kendra - Understanding; Knowledge
Klara - Clear Bright
Kleopatra - glory of the father
Kourtni - Kourtni \ko(u)-rt-ni, kour-tni\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Kourtni sounds like Kourtnie and Kortni. Other similar baby names are Kourtnee, Kourtney, Courtny and Courtnie.
Kristian - Christ bearer
Krystalyn - Bright; Shining; Clear
Krystine - Annointed; Follower of Christ
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