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Here are different ways to spell, De-.

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"De- \de\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name de-), is pronounced de. it is of american origin. combination of the de- prefix with various endings. pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable. these given names follow the french style of aristocratic surnames using the prefix de-. capitalizing the second syllable is optional; names of this type appear both ways in contemporary usage. see also da-.

de- has 39 variant forms: deandre, deangelo, deante, deanthony, dejohn, dejon, dejuan, deleon, delon, deloran, delorean, demar, demarco, demarcos, demarcus, demario, demarr, demauri, demond, demonte, deondre, deontae, deonte, derelle, deron, deroyce, desean, deshawn, deshay, deval, devane, devante, devaughn, devaun, devell, devonn, devonte, dewayne and dewitt.

baby names that sound like de- are dee, dai, daw, day, dewi, dow and teo. "
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