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What's wrong, Kaena ?
That was a really funny joke, Kaena!
Where do you want to go for our summer vacation, Kaena?
Do you want to play hide-and-go-seek, Kaena?
Have a great night Kaena!
Kaena , how was school?
Where do you think you are going, Kaena??
Aren't you glad its the weekend, Kaena!
Kaena ! come clean up this mess!!
Don't forget to walk your dog, Kaena.
Don't forget to feed the dog, Kaena... please.
Kaena ! Becareful!
Go get your sister, Kaena.
How did you do on your driving test, Kaena??
What do you want for breakfast, Kaena?
Go get your brother, Kaena.
Oh, let play some board games, Kaena!
It is bath time, Kaena!
Hey Kaena, are you sleeping??
Can you do the dishes, Kaena ?
Where did Kaena run off to?
Is everything Ok, Kaena ?
Look at me when I am talking to you Kaena !
That is a pretty dress Kaena
Oh wow Kaena ! You did a REALLY good job!