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Here is a list of famous male celebrities and what their first name means:


  • Adam Sandler- In Hebrew means "created by God; earth".
  • Adriano Luz- Greek Origin "Rich; Wealthy".
  • Al Pacino- Celtic Origin "Harmony; stone; noble; fair; handsome".
  • Anthony Hopkins- Latin Origin "Priceless; Flourishing; Flower".
  • Ben Kingsley- English Origin "Blessed".
  • Bill Nighy- English Origin "Resolute protector".
  • Brad Pitt- In English means "from the broad meadow;broad; wide".
  • Brendan Gleeson- Irish Origin "Prince".
  • Brian Cox- English Origin "Strong".
  • Bruno Ganz- German Origin "Brown".
  • Christian Bale- Latin Origin "follower of Christ".
  • Christopher Plummer- Greek Origin "bearing Christ".
  • Ciaran Hinds- Irish Origin "Dark; black".
  • Clint Eastwood- English Origin "Hillside town; fenced settlement".
  • Colin Firth- French Origin "People's victory".
  • Damian Lewis- Greek Origin "Tamer; Divine power; Fate".
  • Daniel Day- Lewis- Hebrew Origin "My judge is the Lord".
  • Denzel Washington- Greek Origin "Of Dionysus".
  • Donald Sutherland- Irish Origin "Great chief".
  • Dustin Hoffman- English Origin "Valiant fighter; Dark stone".
  • Edward Norton- German Origin "Strong as a boar".
  • Forest Whitaker- English Origin "Keeps the forest Woodland".
  • Gene Hackman- English Origin "Born lucky".
  • Geoffrey Rush- English Origin "Peaceful".
  • Harvey Keitel- English Origin "Army warrior".
  • Heath Ledger- English Origin "Untended land where flowering shrubs grow;heath".
  • Hugh Jackman- English Origin "Intelligent".
  • Jack Nicholson- English Origin "God is gracious".
  • James Franco- English Origin "Replace".
  • Javier Barden- Arabic Origin "January; enlightened".
  • Jeff Bridges- English Origin "Peaceful".
  • Johhny Depp- Hebrew "Jehovah has given".
  • Johnathan Rhys Meyers- Hebrew Origin "Jehovah has given; gift of God".
  • Lambert Wilson-German Origin "Light of land".
  • Leonardo DiCaprio- Spanish Origin "Brave as a Lion".
  • Liam Neeson- German Origin "will helmet, protection".
  • Mark Wahlberg- English Origin "God of war".
  • Martin Sheen- English Origin "Warrior of Mars".
  • Matt Damon- English Origin "Gift of God".
  • Michael Caine- Hebrew Origin "Like God; One who resembles God".
  • Morgan Freeman- Irish Origin "Fighter of the sea".
  • Paul Giamatti- English Origin "Little one".
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman- English Origin "Loves horses".
  • Pierce Brosnan- English Origin "Rock; Stone".
  • Ralph Fiennes- English Origin "Wolf; wolf counsel".
  • Ray Liotta- English Origin "Counselor".
  • Robin Williams- English Origin "Bright; Famous".
  • Sean Penn- Irish Origin "Gift from God. Form of John from the French Jean.; God is gracious".


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