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Baby Names And Zodiac Signs (Part 1)

Baby Names And Zodiac Signs (Part 1)
Posted on February 25, 2019   |   Comments 

People have been fascinated with zodiac signs since forever for multiple different reasons. Astrology provides you with the character traits of a person as per their zodiac allowing others to make sense of the person’s preferences, strengths, weaknesses and much more based on the signs. The idea of being able to understand a person’s traits makes one believe that connecting and dealing with others would relatively be easier.

If you have recently found yourself looking for a baby name with a special meaning, here’s something that might help you. You can chose the name based on your astrological knowledge. But since not everyone knows much about zodiac signs and how they work, here are a few things you might want to understand if you want the name of your baby to be all mystical and meaningful.

Let’s delve into the world of astrologically chosen names for babies!

Naming according to Zodiac Signs

You must be wondering how exactly does this work? First of all, one needs to understand what each of the zodiac sign actually stands for before they start looking for the perfect baby name.

The twelve zodiac signs are each divided into four ‘Elemental’ categories and further into three ‘Astrological Quality’ categories. The basic elements of the elemental category are Water, Air, Earth and Fire whereas the astrological qualities range from Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed.

Element Category

Each element has its own nature and so each is responsible for different things. Thus, the star sign under a specific element exudes the nature, power and traits of that very element but in a more human form.

WATER – The oldest found element, water has the tendency to be both soft and fierce at the same time. Water is all about cleansing, refreshing, flexibility and knowing when to change. In symbolical meaning of water, it is connected with the emotions as it has the ability to dive down incredible depths and reach back to the surface anew. Zodiac signs with Water as their element are: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

These three water signs are the most sensitive out of the twelve as they have the ability to feel the emotions on the deepest most profound level. The positive traits of water signs are that they are perceptively intelligent and can see and sense things others in the room may miss. Their strength comes from emotional stability thus their names meaning needs to give them that stability. A water sign with the name meaning, perhaps a ‘fresh water spring’ might double the effects of the all over the place flowing emotions.

Instead names that mean power or wiseness are more likely to balance their personalities. Since emotions, depth and cleansing are already water sign’s qualities thus opposing meanings of the baby names may be a smarter choice like Scarlett (‘red’), Enya (little fire), Aldon (old and wise friend), etc.

AIR – Air is all about the movement which in general is signified as upwards while air also represents the spirit, flowing swiftly anywhere and everywhere. It is volatile, active and can either work with something, turning up its usability or if gone wrong can blow everything in your face. Same way, Air signs are active, their intelligence is analytical, they love discussions, reasoning and are able to handle abstract ideas well. Downside is their lack of sensitivity because air does not work with depths, it is difficult for air signs to understand depth and sensitivity.

Thus, the best way to keep your air signs that is, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra in perfect balance, it would be better to choose a baby name that provides the Air sign a bit more sensitivity to them. Perhaps names like, Ford (river crossing), Eddy (a circular movement of water), Olfa (Love, harmony) etc.

Bringing air and water together will produce either a dancing singing waterfall or if out of control, it would turn into tsunamis and cyclones. Before moving onto the Earth, Fire and Quality category, we’ll let you wrap your head around the first two opposing elements, water  and air and how to best use this knowledge for your baby name as per the zodiac sign. Until then, you can list down a few more names that could fit well with each element.

Part 2 coming soon...

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