Big League Names For Your Little League

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If you are expecting a baby boy between April and October what is better than naming him after a professional baseball player? It is baseball season so we chose some great names from the top 50 baseball players of this year. 

Here are some Big League names for mommy and daddy's little league baby boy. 


Michael or Mike for short, after Mike Trout from the Los Angeles Angels. 

What about Kristopher Lee after Kris Bryant from the Chicago Cubs. His name means "Christ bearer".

Bryce Aron is a very stylish name. He plays for the Washington Nationals and his name means "swift, quick moving". What a perfect name for an athlete!

Why not Corey Drew after Corey Seager from the Los Angeles Dodgers? His name means "chosen".

Joshua Adam is a very masculine name and it means "God is salvation". Josh Donaldson plays for the Toronto Blue Jays. 

Manny means "God is with us". Manny Machado plays for the Baltimore Orioles. Arturo is his middle name and it means "Noble, a follower of Thor" in case you want to go all the way and give your little guy his first and middle! 

Adrian Beltre plays for the Texas Rangers. Adrian means "Rich, wealthy". I am sure that every parent would like wealth and fortune for their son. 

Are you a Seattle Mariners fan? Why not Robinson Jose after Robinson Cano? His name means "Bright famous, son of Robert".

Clayton Edward is one of our favorite boy names. Clayton Kershaw plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers and his name means "born of the earth". 

Maxwell sounds like a sophisticated name for a baby boy. Max Scherzer plays for the Washington Nationals and his name means "capable, or Mack's stream". 


A few more ideas for your little boy are Paul (Goldshmidt), Nolan (Arenado), or even Jose (Altuve). Paul means "little one" but he's a great player! Nolan means "Noble or champion" what a great meaning for a little sport! Jose means "God will multiply". 

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