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Can A Name Affect A Child's Destiny?

Can a name affect your child's future?
Posted on November 19, 2018   |   Comments 

A lot of the talks surrounding parents, especially of newborns, revolves around their child’s name. The first thing that everyone wants to know about a newborn or if there is a baby on the way is ‘have you chosen a name yet?’ And it makes perfect sense; the baby name would obviously be the most important matter not only because it reflects the child’s personality but also because it is a part of a person’s personality, something that stays with them their entire life. You may work up your look, change your habits and mannerism, continue educating and growing, but your name stays with you, the same as it always was. For something that is so significantly constant, it is inevitable for it not to have effects on the destiny of the bearer.

Society and Cultural

A baby’s name represents the religion, culture and region the child was born in. Thus, if in a Jewish neighborhood you are roaming around with the name Yaluk or Dagara, obviously, you will immediately be assumed an outlander. Not that it’s a bad thing, but neither is this a good thing always. The culture and society one will be living in his or her entire life almost dictates how far as a successful individual you will reach.

This means that in a region where the tolerance level is low for intercultural living or for other religions, it’s better to give your baby a name that blends rather than be seen as different and be faced with rivalry and bigotry.

Sharing Name with a Universally Hated Personality

If you don’t want to be among those parents who are going through the ‘Namer’s Remorse’ then you better make a wise choice for your baby’s name. Putting aside your individual views about a political, religious, or fictional figure who is widely hated or is surrounded by controversy, is better than having your child bullied, mocked or even worse, fighting a battle that wasn’t theirs to begin with for the rest of their lives. Some classic examples of such names would be Saddam, Hitler, Medusa, etc.

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