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Cute Baby Names For Future Computer Techs

Posted on June 15, 2016   |   Comments 

Are you one of those computer techies looking for a cute baby name?
We have compiled a list of a few cute baby names that may be perfect for your computer tech baby!

Apple - Not only is this one of the most popular technology companies but it can be a really cute baby girl name!

Macintosh - Perfect name for a little boy techie, this names is of Scottish origin and means "Son Of Thane". It was one of the first computers that were mass produced by Apple that features a mouse and GUI.

Techa -  Cute girl name that sounds similar to technology. This name is of Greek origin and means "late summer".

Beta - In the technology world, a BETA website is one that is not complete but it is put on the web and tested by the public. The name Beta is a girls name and originates from the Czech origin and it means, "devoted to God".

Chip -  Maybe you have noticed that on some of your credit or debit cards they now have a chip on them and you insert your card rather then swipe it, this is called chip technology. Chip is also an African name meaning "gift".

Daemon - In the technology world, a Daemon program runs continuously to handle periodic service requests received by a computer. It is a cute  Greek boys names that means " myth name guardian spirit".

Dot - Dot com, or quantum dots, there are a lot of different dots in technology and it can be a cute baby girl name too, it is of Greek origin and means "gift of God".

Fawn -  Another technology term used and is can also be used as a cute baby girl name which is of English origin and means "young deer".

Archie - Not only does an Archie allow you to search all files of the internet but is is also a boy's name that is of Anglo Saxon origin and means "bold prince".

Dell - A well known brand of computer and also a name of  English origin that means "small valley".

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