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Does A Unique Name Make One More Like-able?

Does A Unique Name Make One More Like-able?
Posted on November 29, 2018   |   Comments 

Since there’s this growing trend of giving your baby a unique name. Don’t miss out on the fact that this name should not only be unique to the level of bizarre peculiarity and thus be frowned upon but should be sweet and likeable. Here are some issues people with unique names face and how the people around them feel about their uniqueness.

Short Names are Usually Easy to Remember

Although short names like Jan or Ivy are easier to remember, but then there are other short names that do not make any sense to the other person, creating an immediate silent animosity towards them. For instance, Love, a unique choice for a person’s name. Love was an actual guy’s name that I came across in my sophomore year and considering the loveless’ness and heartbreak I was going through at that period, I immediately started to feel agitated of him, regardless of how sweet he was. You can’t possibly have a shorter and happier name than Love, but it just didn’t make sense to me and I even found others who shared my opinion that this word should not be used as a name, it’s an emotion, a sacred feeling, and a state, so it was difficult to register Love as a name of a person.

Now that I look back, I wonder, how was that even my concern? He can call himself whatever he wants. But, because we all were going through our own phases of immaturity and learning to deal with life we had an opinion on him were irritated by him. I’m certainly glad that I grew out of it but the point remains not everyone would see it that way.

So in an attempt to give your baby a unique name ending up giving them a name that invokes multiple different emotions in other people is nothing less than risking their likeability.

Misspelling or Mispronouncing Names

When you give your baby a name so unique that it is almost out worldly, it is often misspelled and mispronounced. Thus, creating a friction between both, the one correcting their name every time and the other being corrected, would both begin to share discomfort and diminishing likeability for each other.

Studies at New York University show that the people with easy to pronounce names also have a higher chances of getting hired as the information received, i.e. the name, is easy to comprehend, remember, and process thus its chances of likeability increases.

So next time you are choosing a unique name for your baby or helping someone out, keep the above in mind as we are quite positive you would want the child to be liked and appreciated and not the other way round.

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