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Hawaiian Baby Names In Remembrance Of Father Damien

Here are some
Posted on April 14, 2016   |   Comments 

Father Damien Day is to recognize the death of Father Damien, a missionary who was sent to Hawaii to help people who suffered with leprocy. He later died of the disease on April 15, 1889. Here is a list of Hawaiian names in rememberance of Father Damien. 

Malina - "peace"

Aloha "love" "compassion"

Olina - "Joyous"

Alanah - "precious"

Ikaika - "strength"

Kaimi - "the seeker"

Kalani - "royal one" or "heaven"

Kanoa - "the free one"

Kapona "righteous"

Kalia - "the beloved"

Mili - "beautiful"

Mohala - "shining forth"



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