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Taylor Swift Inspired Baby Names

Posted on August 10, 2023   |   Comments 

Have you ever felt it? That sense of magic when you hear a Taylor Swift song? And guess what? The same magic can weave its way into naming your baby.

So... ever thought about it? Taking inspiration from Taylor’s tracks for your little one's name? Sounds fun, right?

Names Right Out of Taylor's Lyrics

You've heard the songs. Timeless tales. Beautiful characters. And names? Oh, yes. There are plenty.

  • Romeo... takes you right to "Love Story," doesn’t it?
  • And Juliet? She’s there too.
  • Tim? Ah, nostalgia from "Tim McGraw."
  • Grace. There’s an emotional touch from "Soon You'll Get Better."
  • James and Betty? Those adventures from "Betty" are hard to forget.
  • August... dreamy, just like its “Folklore” track.
  • Eva from "White Horse." It's about longing and reminiscing, isn't it?

Names that weave stories, emotions, moments. Taylor's lyrics capture the essence of names in ways only she can.

Names... But a Little More Poetic

Alright, these names aren’t direct. But they've got that Taylor touch, you know?

  • Willow. Soft. Gentle. Like a lullaby. It’s from her song, "Willow."
  • Gold? Shining through from "Dress."
  • Red? Bold. Just like her album.
  • Daisy... you can almost see them. "Daisies in a blue vase" from "The Lakes."
  • Stone. Strong, unyielding. A subtle echo from "Don't Blame Me."
  • Rose. Delicate and beautiful, reminiscent of "Begin Again."

They're poetic, dreamy, and whimsical. Just the kind of names that'll always remind you of a Taylor Swift serenade.

Names that Just... Feel Like Taylor

These might not be from her lyrics. But they capture her essence, her spirit.

  • Taylor. Obvious? Maybe. But still, iconic.
  • Swift. Edgy. Bold. Could be a middle name, right?
  • And then there's Alwyn. Reminds us of Joe Alwyn, Taylor's love.
  • Reputation. Edgy. A statement. Kind of like her album.
  • Evermore. Dreamy. Hopeful. Just like her.

Every name has a piece of Taylor in it. A sprinkle of her magic, her charm, her story.

And as you hum her songs and pick out nursery colors, remember this: names carry stories. Emotions. Memories. Let Taylor’s melodies guide you. Maybe, just maybe, among these names, there’s one that feels just right for your baby, like a song waiting to be sung.

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