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A list of baby girls names that start with p

Here a my list of my favorite p names for girls.



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Paige - Attendant
Paisley - Paisley \pa(is)-ley\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Paisley), is pronounced PAYS-lee. It is of Scottish origin. The name of a patterned fabric that was at one time the principal product manufactured in Paisley, Scotland.

Baby names that sound like Paisley are Bailey and Bailley. Other similar baby names are Chesley, Lesley, Pauly, Paule, Perley, Polley and Salley.
Pamela - Honeyed; honey; all sweetness
Paris - Son of Priam; From Paris, France.
Patricia - Noble one
Paula - Petite; small
Pearl - Pearl
Penelope - Weaver; weaver
Penny - Jewel; Coral
Petal - Petal \p(e)-tal\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Petal sounds like Petula, Bethel and Petulah. Other similar baby names are Peta, Atal, Peale, Peall, Pearl, Perl, Petra, Pet and Teal.
Petra - Rock; Stone
Petunia - Flower
Phoebe - Bright one; bright, radiant
Phoenyx - A mythical bird
Phylis - greenery
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