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Elegant Baby Girl Names

Here are some elegant baby girl names to add to your list!
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Elegant and adorable names will always stand the test of time. Take a look at these adorable, yet classy baby girl names. They will work well with virtually any last name (surname) or middle names 


Take a look at our list and enjoy.


Elegant baby girl names

  1. Deborah - A bee; To speak kind words; bee
  2. Oakleigh - meadow of oak trees
  3. Aiya - Bird
  4. Margaret - Name of a saint
  5. Esperanza - Hope
  6. Jaylynne - Jaylynne \ja(y)-lynne, jayl(yn)-ne\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Jaylynne sounds like Jaylynn and Jaylene. Other similar baby names are Kaylynne, Jaclynn, Jacklynne, Jaslynn, Jazlynn, Joslynne, Kaylynn, Kaylanne, Kailynne, Raelynne, Raylynn and Shaylynne.
  7. Kiona - Ancient
  8. Malerie - Fruitful flourishing.
  9. Anesa - Anesa \a-ne-sa\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Anesa sounds like Anessa and Anisa. Other similar baby names are Anela and Aneta.
  10. Sylvanna - woods, forest
  11. Arrow - Arrow \a(r)-row\ as a boy's name is of English origin. From the common English word.

    Baby names that sound like Arrow are Aaro, Arri, Arrio, Aryo, Arryo, Ario, Arry and Yarrow. Other similar baby names are Arron, Arlow and Arnow.

  12. Kayanna - Keeper of the keys
  13. Cassi - Protector of mankind
  14. Tiegan,girl] - Beautiful; Variant of [Teagan
  15. Riddhi - Siddhi will follow
  16. Jaide - Goodness
  17. Bethanie - House of God
  18. Sanaa - Work of Art Beauty.
  19. Kyndal - the Kent river valley
  20. Yaffa - Beautiful; lovely
  21. Melody - Song; Music.
  22. Corinna - Maiden; maiden
  23. Tamela - Tamela \t(a)-me-la\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Tamela sounds like Damalla and Timaula. Other similar baby names are Camela, Jamela, Pamela, Tamera and Tameka.
  24. Baxley - Baker; baker's meadow
  25. Jalaina - Jalaina \j(a)-lai-na\ as a girl's name is a variant of Ja- (American) and Jelena (Russian). See for meaning of Jalaina.

    The baby name Jalaina sounds like Jalayna and Jalaine. Other similar baby names are Dalina, Alaina, Calina, Salina, Elaina, Galina, Janina, Helaina, Halina, Jamaine, Jalisa, Jalena, Jaelana, Jaliza, Jaleisa, Jaina, Jannina, Jaline, Jalin, Jelina, Jamina, Jilana, Jyllina, Jolana, Jolaine, Jolina, Julina, Julayna, Julaine, Kalaine, Kalana, Kalina, Malina, Dalanna, Malana, Melaina, Mallina, Shalaina, Talina, Talanna, Valina, Jolanna and Zelaina.

  26. California - California \c(a)-lifor-nia, cal(i)-fo-rnia\ as a girl's name. Geography name: the state on the West Coast of America.

    A similar baby name is Calpurnia.

  27. Jacee - Beautiful
  28. Wylie - Enchanting
  29. Abby - Head of a monastery
  30. Mindel - Sea of bitterness
  31. Brittain - Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England)
  32. Marlo - Little hawk
  33. Annaka - sweet-faced
  34. Lilyan - lily
  35. Elysse - from the blessed isles
  36. Tess - Abbreviation of Teresa which is a popular saint''s name of uncertain meaning.
  37. Sharlene - Feminine variant of Charles meaning manly
  38. Lulu - Renowned warrior
  39. Dasha - Gift of God; gift of God
  40. Devanie - Dark haired; dark-haired
  41. Rachana - creation
  42. Seema - treasure
  43. Angella - messenger; messenger of God
  44. Payton - Noble one
  45. Jaliyah - A gift from God.
  46. Emory - Brave; Powerful; home strength
  47. Soli - Soli \s(o)-li\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Soli sounds like Sile, Selia, Cili, Silia, Sal, Selie, Sela, Sula, Zola and Zolia. Other similar baby names are Poli, Joli and Soki.
  48. Leiloni - Heavenly Child. Flower.
  49. Tiani - Tiani \tia-ni\ as a girl's name is a variant of Tiana (Russian, Latin). See for meaning of Tiani.

    The baby name Tiani sounds like Tiane, Chani, Tiahna, Ciana, Shani, Siana, Sian, Tiona, Tiauna, Tianne and Tianna. Other similar baby names are Kiani and Tani.
  50. Lillyan - lily

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