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Mythological Baby Names

Posted on June 21, 2016   |   Comments 

Are you a fan of Myths?


Have you ever considered naming your baby based on a myth?? If not, these names MIGHT change your mind! 


Here is a list of 10 boy names from myths:


Naois - "Mythical warrior"

Absyrtus - "Brother of Medea"

Pyramus - "Lover of Thisbe"

Pelops - "Father of Atreus"

Iphis - "Hanged himself over unrequited love"

Achelous - "A river god"

Silverio - "Variant of Sylvanus referring to the mythological Greek god of trees."

Antilochus - "Son of Nestor"

Yspaddaden - "Mythical father of Olwyn"

Set - "Son of Seb and Nut"


Here is our full list of mythological boy names.


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Are you having a baby girl? 



Here is our list of baby girl names:


Harmonia - "Daughter of Ares"

Iola - "Sister of Iphitus; violet-colored dawn"

Anat - "A wife of Seth"

Penthesilea - "A queen of the Amazons"

Diti - "Daughter of Daksha"

Styx - "A river of the underworld"

Findabair - "Daughter of Medb"

Tethys - "Wife of Oceanus"

Taraka - "A demon"

Destinie - "Certain fortune; Fate; The mythological Greek god of fate"


Here is our full list of mythological girl names.


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