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Almond - Almond \a-lmo-nd, al-mond\ as a girl's name. Plant name. May refer to skin tone, or to the shape of a baby's eyes. Almandine is the French form.

Almond has 5 variant forms: Almandina, Almandine, Almondine, Amande and Amandina.

Baby names that sound like Almond are Almina and Almena.

Ambrosia - Immortal; immortal
Apple - A fruit.
Basil - Royal
Bean - Fair skinned
Benedict - Blessed
Berry - One who brings victory
Candy - Honest one; Shy
Clove - nail
Cookie - cook
Curry - Churn
Ginger - Liveliness; The pungent ginger root
Herb - Strong army
Kale - Strong; Manly
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