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Hadley - Field of heather; heather meadow
Haelie - hay meadow
Hailee - hay meadow
Hailie - Hero
Haleigh - Field of hay; hay meadow
Happy - cheerful, lighthearted
Harlee - hare meadow
Harleigh - hare meadow
Harmonie - Unity; Concord; Musically in tune
Hattie - Rules her household
Haylen - Hall of light.
Hazal - the hazel tree
Hazle - Variant of Hazel.; the hazel tree
Heath - Heath \he(a)-th\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Heath), is a variant of Heather (Middle English). See for meaning of Heath.

The baby name Heath sounds like Hetty, Hetta and Hette. Other similar baby names are Reatha, Beth, Cath, Hertha, Jeth and Leith.
Hester - Star
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