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Valencia - Brave; strong, healthy
Valentina - Brave
Vana - Deep silence; Ultimate bliss
Vanessa - Butterfly; butterfly
Vanity - empty; inflated in pride
Vannah - Vannah \v(an)-nah\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Vannah sounds like Vanna, Vanya, Vania, Wanna, Venna, Vannie, Vana and Vianna. Other similar baby names are Lannah, Dannah, Hannah, Jannah and Sannah.
Vannaleigh - butterfly
Vega - Falling star; falling vulture
Velma - Protector.
Velvet - Soft
Verena - Faith
Veronica - True image; true image
Vianne - Vianne \vi(an)-ne\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Vianne sounds like Vianna and Vienne. Other similar baby names are Dianne, Lianne, Rianne and Tianne.
Vickki - Vickki \v(ick)-ki\ as a girl's name.

Similar baby names are Vikki and Vicki.
Victoria - Victory
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veronica said:
6/2/2016 8:12:39 AM
These names are beautiful. Thank you! I wanted my baby's name to match mine.

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