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Arthur - Noble; Follower of Thor; stone"; Arnthor, an Old German name meaning "Thor, the eagle
Blake - black, dark; pale
Bradlee - From the broad meadow; broad meadow
Brady - Spirited; descendant of BrĂ¡dach, large-chested
Brooke - Lives by the stream
Coral - Coral
Draco - dragon
Harlee - hare meadow; the long field
Kady - Rhythmic flow of sounds
Kaelee - Keeper of the keys
Katy - Rhythmic flow of sounds
Kayla - Keeper of the keys
Kemp - Warrior; fighter, champion
Maybelle - My fair maid; Lovely
Mayes - Mayes \ma-yes\ as a boy's name is of English origin. Possibly related to corn as in "maize", or to the month of May, or to the veneration of the Virgin Mary. Baseball player Willie Mays.

Mayes has 1 variant form: Mays.

Baby names that sound like Mayes are Mace, Macey and Maceo.
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