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Baby Names: 18

  Arthur - Noble; Follower of Thor; stone"; Arnthor, an Old German name meaning "Thor, the eagle

  Blake - black, dark; pale

  Bradlee - From the broad meadow; broad meadow

  Brady - Spirited; descendant of BrĂ¡dach, large-chested

  Brooke - Lives by the stream

  Coral - Coral

  Draco - dragon

  Harlee - hare meadow; the long field

  Kady - Rhythmic flow of sounds

  Kaelee - Keeper of the keys

  Katy - Rhythmic flow of sounds

  Kayla - Keeper of the keys

  Kemp - Warrior; fighter, champion

  Maybelle - My fair maid; Lovely

  Mayes - Unknown

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