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Blake - black, dark; pale
Brooks - Son of Brooke
Carla - Strong; Strong-woman
Darrel - Darrel \d(ar)-rel\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Darrel), is a variant of Daryl (English). See for meaning of Darrel. See also Darnell.

The baby name Darrel sounds like Darryl, Darrell and Darel. Other similar baby names are Darcel, Karryl, Karel, Carrol, Cariel, Carel, Dael, Darrah, Darra, Dareen, Darrby, Darrbey, Darbey, Darbee, Darsey, Darsee, Darcey, Darcell, Darcee, Darrelle, Darien, Dariele, Daryll, Darryll, Darrill, Harrela, Laurel, Mariel, Sorrel and Tarren.

Edwardo - Guardian of prosperity; Guardian of the mists; wealthy guard
Harlowe - From the hare's hill
Kordell - Cordmaker
Mathew - Gift of God
Mercer - Merchant
Merry - Protector of the sea
Oakley - From the oak tree valley; meadow of oak trees
Radley - From the red cliff; meadow of reeds; red meadow
Raed - Red
Rook - Raven
Royal - Noble one
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