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Chamoru Baby Name List

Chamaru baby names


Baby Names: 28

  Amista - fidelity; loyalty

  Anghet - Chamoru Spanish angel. Note

  Cadassi - to have something of the sea

  Chamorra - woman of the Chamoru people

  Chirika - name of a bird

  Chubasca - storm at sea

  Fresca - Chamoru Spanish fresh; cool.

  Guaiya - Love

  Guifi - Unisexual name meaning dream.

  Ha'ani - Day. Variants include Aani Haane Haani Ha''ane and Haani

  Hoben - Chamoru Spanish youthful; vigorous.

  Kurihi - correct or guide; lead away.

  Magahet - honest; truthful

  Maipe - fiery; hot

  Melodia - Chamoru Spanish melody; song.

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