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Beaven - son of Evan
Brycen - Speckled
Caitlyn - Pure
Cedrick - Bounty; Spectacle; Founder
Dee - Young girl; One who rages; Broken-hearted
Dewitt - Blond
Emlyn - Emlyn \e-ml-yn, em-lyn\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Emlyn), is pronounced EM-lin. It is of Welsh origin. Place name: the Welsh town of Castell Newydd Emlyn. Possibly from the old Roman surname Aemilius (see Emil). May also be of Celtic origin as there are Breton and Irish saints named Aemilianus, which may be a Latin form of an old Celtic name. Playwright and actor Emlyn Williams.

Emlyn has 1 variant form: Emlen.

Baby names that sound like Emlyn are Emlynn and Emlin.

Evan - Right handed
Gavin - White hawk
Gavino - white falcon; little falcon
Glyndwr - valley of water
Gwayn - white falcon; little falcon
Jennifer - White wave; White spirit; White cheeked; fair one
Kinna - greatest champion
Lew - Shelter
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