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Babylonian Baby Names

Here is a list of Babylonian baby names


Baby Names: 14

  Baldassare - Italian form of Balthasar protected by God

  Baltasar - Protected by God

  Baltazar - Baal protect the king

  Balthasaar - Baal protect the king

  Balthasar - Appeared in Merchant of Venice; Much Ado About Nothing; Romeo & Juliet

  Balthazaar - Baal protect the king

  Balthazar - Appeared in Comedy of Errors

  Balto - Baal protect the king

  Belshazzar - Baal protect the king

  Lilith - Delicate; Amorous; Lily

  Lillith - belonging to the night

  Shadrach - In the bible Shadrach was one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace.

  Shadrack - command of Aku

  Shadrick - command of Aku

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