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Baby Names: 28

Ainsley - My meadow
Baird - Bard
Bonne - fine, attractive, pretty
Bonnell - fine, attractive, pretty
Camren - Crooked Nose.
Carson - Surname; son of the marsh-dwellers
Colle - young creature
Collin - Virile
Dave - David's son
Evan - Right handed
Farquhar - very dear one
Frazier - Strawberry
Houston - From Hugh's town; Place name
Jinnet - Jinnet \j(in)-net\ as a girl's name is a variant of Janet (Scottish). See for meaning of Jinnet.

The baby name Jinnet sounds like Jinnett, Jennet and Jannet. Other similar baby names are Jinnea, Jinnee and Linnet.
Kamryn - Bent nose
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