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Here is a list of baby names that are seasons



Baby Names: 13

April - Opening buds of spring; Born in April
Autumn - Born in the fall; season of harvest
December - December \d(e)-ce-mber\ as a girl's name.

The baby name December sounds like Decembra.
February - February \f(e)-brua-ry, feb-ruary\ as a girl's name.

January - January \j(a)-nua-ry\ as a girl's name.

The baby name January sounds like Janora, Jenara and Jennara. Other similar baby names are Janay, Janevra, Jamari, Jahzara, Jannah, Janna, Janah, Jana, Janny, Janae, Jennay, Jenay, Jeanay, Jannae, Janea, Janaye, Janaya, Janais, Janai, Janaeh, Janaea, Jany, Janney, Janka, Jania, Janey, Janeane, Janean, Jandy, Janely, Janoah, Jonay and Kanara.

June - Name of a month
May - Great; Little Mary; Dark-haired
November - Eleventh month
Rain - Ruler
September - September \s(e)-pte-mber, sep-tember\ as a girl's name. Month name that is not as common as April, May, or June.

A baby name that sounds like September is Septima.

Spring - springtime
Summer - Born during the summer
Winter - Born in the winter
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