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Japanese male names

Here is a list of Japanese names for boys.


Baby Names: 18

  Botan - Peony

  Joben - enjoy cleanness; enjoy cleanness

  Kaage - Shadow. Alternante Spelling: Kage.

  Kaemon - joyful; righthanded; old Samurai name; joyful; right-handed

  Kannon - Free

  Kano - one''s masculine power; capability; one's masculine power, capability

  Kenji - intelligent second son; strong and vigorous;

  Kenjiro - second son who sees with insight; intelligent second son; strong and vigorous

  Kibou - Hope

  Masakazu - First son of Masa

  Raidyn - god of Thunder. Variant of Raiden.

  Rinji - peaceful forest; peaceful forest

  Roka - white crest of the wave

  Ronin - Samurai without a master

  Sanjiro - praise; admirable

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