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Top 200 Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names

Here is our list of the top 200 baby boy names prior to 1950.
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Take a look at our long list of top baby boy names before 1950. These names are all stil adorable and have definitely withstood the test of time.

Top 200 Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names prior to 1950.

  1. William -Valiant protector
  2. Robert -Bright; Famous
  3. John -God is merciful
  4. Charles -Strong; Manly
  5. James -Replace
  6. Frank -Free; A free man
  7. Edward -Guardian
  8. George -Farmer
  9. Donald -Dark stranger
  10. Richard -Powerful ruler
  11. Kenneth -Handsome
  12. Paul -Little one
  13. Raymond -Worthy protector
  14. Louis -From the place of laurel trees; Honor; Victory
  15. Henry -Rules her household
  16. Roy -Red haired
  17. Arthur -Noble; Follower of Thor; stone"; Arnthor, an Old German name meaning "Thor, the eagle
  18. Thomas -Twin; twin
  19. Carl -Strong; Manly
  20. Evelyn -Evelyn \e-vel-yn, ev(e)-lyn\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Evelyn), is of Norman origin. Surname used as given name. Author Evelyn Waugh's first wife was also called Evelyn; their friends referred to them as "He-Evelyn" and "She-Evelyn".

    Evelyn has 1 variant form: Evelin.

  21. Harold -Army commander
  22. Joseph -God wiIl multiply; Jehovah increases
  23. Warren -Enclosure
  24. Leo -Lion
  25. Jack -God is gracious
  26. Harry -Army man
  27. Herbert -Strong army
  28. Jean -God is gracious
  29. Peter -Rock; Stone
  30. Lee -Healer
  31. Willie -Valiant protector
  32. Eugene -Born lucky; Wellborn
  33. Walter -Powerful ruler; commander of the army
  34. Earl -Chief
  35. Marvin -Good friend
  36. Fred -Wise counsel
  37. Vernon -From the alder grove; Spring-like
  38. Bernard -Strong as a bear
  39. Francis -Free
  40. Norman -From the north
  41. Joe -God wiIl multiply
  42. Russell -Fox
  43. Marion -Bitter
  44. Lawrence -From the place of laurel trees; Honor; Victory
  45. Edwin -Valued
  46. Melvin -Chief; Leader
  47. Ernest -Serious; Determined
  48. Leonard -Brave as a Lion
  49. Florence -Son of Gawain
  50. Lloyd -Gray
  51. Leon -Lion
  52. Edgar -Lucky spearman
  53. Albert -Noble; Bright or famous.
  54. Floyd -Gray
  55. Martin -Warrior of Mars
  56. Gerald -Rules by the spear
  57. Wallace -Stranger
  58. Ray -Counselor
  59. Rose -Rose
  60. Harvey -Eager to fight
  61. Ralph -Wolf; wolf counsel
  62. Elmer -Noble
  63. Ruby -see, a son
  64. Philip -Loves horses
  65. Andrew -Manly; Valiant; Courageous
  66. Ethel -Noble
  67. Willie -Valiant protector
  68. Nellie -Son of a champion; Son of Neil
  69. Howard -Guardian of the home; Watchman; noble watchman
  70. David -Beloved one; beloved
  71. Chester -Soldiers Camp
  72. Hazel -headland with the hazel trees
  73. Clarence -Bright; Shining; Clear; one who lives near the River Clare
  74. Curtis -Courteous
  75. Glenn -From the valley
  76. Wilbur -Dearly loved stronghold
  77. Gordon -From the cornered hill
  78. Maurice -Dark skinned; A Moor
  79. Douglas -Dweller by the dark stream
  80. Edmund -The hidden
  81. Frederick -Peaceful ruler; peaceful ruler
  82. Theodore -gracious gift; God's gift
  83. Willard -Valiant protector
  84. Herman -Of the army
  85. Lester -Fortified; from Leicester
  86. Clyde -Place name; Scottish Clyde river
  87. Oscar -Jumping fighter
  88. Irving -White
  89. Guy -Guide; Wood; Wide
  90. Charlie -Strong; Manly
  91. Lewis -Renowned warrior
  92. Vincent -Conqueror
  93. Stanley -Lives by the stony grove; stony meadow
  94. Gilbert -Trusted
  95. Johnnie -God is merciful
  96. Alfred -Wise counsel; elf or magical counsel
  97. Anthony -Priceless; Flourishing; Flower
  98. June -young
  99. Merle -Falcon
  100. Jesse -Jehovah exists

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