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Earth Day inspired baby names

Here are some names that are inspired by nature.

This is a unique list of baby names that have meanings related to the earth - Happy Earth Day!



Baby Names: 31

Aspen - Place name
Autumn - Born in the fall; season of harvest
Coral - Coral
Daisy - The day's eye
Fern - Fern; A green plant that loves shade; fern
Henna - Henna \he(n)-na\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Henna sounds like Honna, Hanna and Henia. Other similar baby names are Denna, Jenna, Genna, Henka, Kenna, Lenna, Nenna, Penna, Venna and Zenna.
Honey - Honey; Sweet; nectar
Ivy - Ivy
Jewel - Jewel ; plaything, delight
Juniper - Juniper \j(u)-ni-per\ as a boy's name. Plant name: an evergreen shrub with berries from which gin (known as "genever" in Dutch) is traditionally distilled.

Similar baby names are Junior, Jasper, Jesper and Joiner.
Lilly - Flower; Innocence; Purity; Beauty
Meadow - Field of flowers
Moon - Letters
Moss - Moorish; Dark-skinned; Moor land
Olive - Olive
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