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Anisha - Favor; Grace
Aria - Gentle music
Aubrey - Rules with elf-wisdom
Barbara - Traveler from a foreign land
Cathy - Pure
Corey - From the hollow
Ginny - Virgin
Hallie - From the Hall
Jamari - Warrior
Jasmine - Jasmine flower; Gift from God
Jolene - He will increase
Joline - He will increase
Kalee - Keeper of the keys
Marelyn - Marelyn \m(a)-rel-yn, mar(e)-lyn\ as a girl's name is a variant of Marilyn (English). See for meaning of Marelyn.

The baby name Marelyn sounds like Marylyn, Marlyn and Maralyn. Other similar baby names are Karelyn, Madelyn, Marcelyn and Marvelyn.
Myra - Quiet song
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