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May Baby Names

All of these Superstars were born in May

Its May! If you are due this month, consider one of these superstar names.



Baby Names: 14

Cam - Crooked; crooked nose
Cam Newton - His birthday is May 11th
Charlotte - Petite; Feminine
Princess Charlotte - Her birthday is May 2nd
Chris - Annointed; Follower of Christ
Chris Brown - His birthday is May 5th.
David - Beloved one; beloved
David Beckham - His birthday is May 2nd.
Debby - A bee; To speak kind words; bee
Debby Ryan - Her birthday is May 13th
Dwayne - Dark; swarthy
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - His birthday is May 2nd.
Enrique - Ruler of an estate; home ruler
Enrique Iglesias - His birthday is May 8th.
George - Farmer
George Clooney - His birthday is May 6th.
Janet - God is gracious
Janet Jackson - Her birthday is May 16th
Kenan - Possession; acquire
Kenan Thompson - His birthday is May 10th
Mark - Warlike; Hammer; Defender
Mark Zuckerberg - His birthday is May 14th
Scott - Wanderer
Scott Disick - His birthday is May 26th
Tina - River
Tina Fey - Her birthday is May 18th
Tony - highly praiseworthy. Abbreviation of Anthony and its variants used since medieval times as an independent name.
Tony Hawk - His birthday is May 12th
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