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Here are a few names that are words as well!



Baby Names: 41

Clay - Born of the earth; Clay
Cliff - From the cliff; cliff-side slope
Dean - Presiding official; Valley; valley; church official
Earnest - Serious; Determined
Ford - River crossing; river crossing
Forest - Out of the woods; woodsman; woods
Fox - fox
Glen - From the valley
Grey - Gray haired
Hunter - Hunter; hunter, pursuer
Jack - God is gracious
Jet - Jet \jet\ as a boy's name. Mineral name: jet is a shiny black substance. The name is linked by people to aircraft. Actor Jet Li.

Jet has 2 variant forms: Jett and Jette.

Baby names that sound like Jet are Jed and Jeth.
Mark - Warlike; Hammer; Defender
Pierce - Rock; Stone
Rich - Powerful ruler
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