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100 British Baby Boy Names

Here is a list of 100 cute British Boy Names.



Baby Names: 100

Aaron - Appeared in Titus Andronicus
Adam - Appeared in As You Like It
Albert - Noble; Bright or famous.
Alex - Protector of mankind; man's defender, warrior
Alexander - Appeared in Troilus & Cressida
Alfie - Wise counsel
Archie - Bold prince
Arthur - Noble; Follower of Thor; stone"; Arnthor, an Old German name meaning "Thor, the eagle
Austin - Exalted
Benjamin - Son of the right hand; son of the south; son of my old age
Blake - Dark; Dark-haired; Can also mean the reverse - Fair; Pale
Bobby - Bright; Famous
Caleb - Brave; faith, devotion, whole hearted
Callum - Bald dove
Charles - Strong; Manly
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