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California - California \c(a)-lifor-nia, cal(i)-fo-rnia\ as a girl's name. Geography name: the state on the West Coast of America.

A similar baby name is Calpurnia.

Candelaria - candle
Cassaundra - man's defender, warrior
Cassiopeia - myth name mother of Andromeda
Chardonnay - A dry white wine.
Charlesetta - free man
Charolette - free man
Christabel - Annointed; Follower of Christ
Christabella - beautiful Christian
Christabelle - beautiful Christian
Christalyn - Christalyn \ch-ristal-yn, chr(i)-sta-lyn\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Christalyn sounds like Cristalyn, Christyn, Christan, Christain, Crystalyn, Chrystalynn, Christalle, Christal and Kristalyn. Other similar baby names are Christelle, Christel, Christen, Chrystyn, Christon, Christin, Christanne, Christana, Christaine, Christyann, Chrystalle, Chrystal, Christyna, Christinn, Christeen, Christanna, Chrisstan, Christyne, Crystalynn, Chrystalla, Christella and Krystalyn.
Christella - ice
Christelle - follower of Christ
Christiana - Annointed; Follower of Christ
Christiane - Annointed; Follower of Christ
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