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Fathers Day Baby Names

Baby names that represent fathers.

Here is a list of baby names that mean father or something similar.



Baby Names: 58

Aba - Father
Abad - father, priest
Abagael - father of exaltation
Abagale - father of exaltation
Abageal - father of exaltation
Abagil - father of exaltation
Aballach - father of Modron
Abame - father of many; father of many; example, lesson; girl born on Tuesday
Abarran - father of a multitude (of nations)
Abarrane - Father of many; father of many
Abarron - Father of a multitude
Abba - Device for doing calculations; Clever
Abbe - Head of a monastery
Abbee - father of exaltation
Abbegail - father of exaltation
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