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Allegra - gay, jaunty
Amelda - universal battle
Anonciada - announcement, notice
Armonie - A Priceless Gift From The Heavens
Belinda - Beautiful woman
Belladonna - Beautiful woman
Bertrona - Bertrona \b(e)-rtro-na, ber(t)-rona\ as a girl's name is of Italian origin. Nickname of Berta.

Baby names that sound like Bertrona are Bertrade and Bertrice. Other similar baby names are Bertina, Bertine and Berrtina.
Blanche - White
Byanca - white, pure
Cammeo - skin
Capreece - whimsical, playful
Capricia - whimsical, playful
Caprise - whimsical, playful
Carabell - beloved; friend; God's promise
Carlota - free man
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