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Vada - Vada \v(a)-da\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Vada sounds like Veda and Vida. Other similar baby names are Dada, Gada, Jada, Mada, Nada, Sada, Tada, Vala, Valda, Vanda, Vana, Varda, Vava, Vaga, Lada and Zada.
Valencia - Brave; strong, healthy
Valentina - Brave
Valentine - Good health; strong, healthy
Valeria - Brave
Valerie - Brave
Valery - Brave
Van - cloud
Vanesa - Butterfly
Vanessa - Butterfly; butterfly
Veda - knowledge, wisdom
Velda - Velda \v(e)-lda, vel-da\ as a girl's name. Variant of Valda.

Velda has 1 variant form: Vellda.

Baby names that sound like Velda are Welda, Vallda, Valida, Valeda, Walda, Wellda, Wilda and Wylda.

Velma - Protector.
Velva - Velva \v(e)-lva, vel-va\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Velva sounds like Fulvia and Flavia. Other similar baby names are Belva, Melva, Velda, Velma and Veeva.
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