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Adalyn - Good humor
Adelaide - Of the nobility; Noble
Adelina - Of nobility; Noble
Adeline - Good humor
Adelynn - Good humor
Adrianna - From Adria the Adriatic sea region; Dark
Adrienne - From Adria the Adriatic sea region; Dark
Aileen - Aileen \a(i)-leen\ as a girl's name is pronounced eye-LEEN. It is of Norman origin. Scottish variant of Eileen; also variant of Evelyn and Helen.

Aileen has 41 variant forms: Aila, Ailee, Aileene, Ailene, Ailey, Ailli, Ailie, Aillin, Ailyn, Aleen, Alene, Aline, Alleen, Allene, Alline, Eileen, Eleen, Elleen, Ellene, Ileana, Ileane, Ileanna, Ileen, Ileene, Ilene, Iliana, Iliane, Illianna, Illeanne, Illene, Leana, Leanah, Leanna, Leannah, Lena, Lenah, Liana, Lianna, Liannah, Lina and Linah.

For more information, see also the related name Eibhlin.

Baby names that sound like Aileen are Ayleen and Wileen.

Alana - Light
Alice - Of nobility; Noble
Alyson - Of nobility; Noble
Amelie - Hardworking; Industrious; Eager
Amia - Beloved
Amy - Dearly loved
Angela - Angel
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