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Olympics 2016 Gymnastics Team USA Names

Here are the names and meanings of the men and women on the USA Gymnastics team 2016.



Baby Names: 10

Alexander - Appeared in Troilus & Cressida
Alexander Naddour
Chris - Annointed; Follower of Christ
Chris Brooks
Danell - God is my judge; God is my judge
Danell Leyva
Jacob - Supplanter; he who supplants
Jacob Dalton
Sam - Sam \sam\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Sam). Nickname of Samuel or Samson, sometimes used as an independent name. "Uncle Sam" has been the personal face of the American government for over a century. Playwright Sam Shepard; actor Sam Waterson; singer Sammy Davis, Jr.

Sam has 4 variant forms: Samm, Sammey, Sammie and Samy.

Baby names that sound like Sam are Sami and Sim.

Sam Mikulak
Ally - Fair; Beautiful
Ally Raisman
Gabby - God is my strength
Gabby Douglas
Laurie - The laurel tree; Sweet bay tree; Honor; Victory
Laurie Hernandez
Madison - Gift of God; Strong fighter; son of the mighty warrior
Madison Kocian
Simone - loud; hear, listen
Simon Biles
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