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Purple Baby Names - Baby Names Related To The Color Purple

Here is our list of baby names that are related to purple things ... flowers, jewels, and the color.


Baby Names: 47

  Amathyst - precious purple jewel

  Amatista - precious purple jewel

  Amethist - precious purple jewel

  Amethiste - precious purple jewel

  Amethyst - A precious stone; precious purple jewel

  Eolande - purple; violet flower

  Hyacinthe - Purple

  Iolande - purple; violet flower

  Iona - Flower name; Purple jewel

  Jacinta - Hyacinth; Purple; hyacinth

  Jaxine - Hyacinth; Purple

  Jolanda - purple

  Jolande - violet flower; purple

  Jolanta - violet flower; purple

  Jolantha - violet flower; purple

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Dahlia said:
I think this is a beautiful name and it's a purple flower.

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