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Here is our list of names that are also names of popular brands.



Baby Names: 13

Avon - river
Bentley - From the moors; bent grass meadow
Campbell - From the beautiful field
Cannon - Cannon
Coleman - Dove
Cordell - Cordmaker
Dyson - Dyson \d(y)-son\ as a boy's name is of Old English origin. Surname that is probably a short form of Dennison. Used as a given name in the 19th century.

Baby names that sound like Dyson are Dayson and Tyson. Other similar baby names are Dylon, Aeson, Kason, Cason, Davon, Dajon, Dagon, Dalon, Daymon, Damon, Danon, Daron, Dayton, Dawson, Daylon, DeRon, Delon, Dejon, Deion, Deon, Dion, Deshon, Deston, Devon, Dixon, Dyllon, Dilon, Deyon, Don, Doron, Dotson, Dowson, Duston, Dylan, Dylonn, Edson, Jason, Jayson, Mason, Tayson, Tymon, Tynon, Tyron and Tyeson.
Elmer - Noble
Ford - River crossing; river crossing
Harley - From the hare's meadow; hare meadow; the long field
Lexus - law
Nike - Victory
Reese - Enthusiastic; enthusiasm
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