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150 Most Popular Baby Names - Girl, Boy & Unisex For September 2020

Here is our list of the top 50 girl names, boy names and unisex names for September 2020 on
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One of the most important decisions you have to make when you have a child is what their name will be. A person’s name influences a lot in their life, and if nothing else it is always going to be with them. As such, you need to make sure that you are going to name them well, and that usually means spending a lot of time trying to find something suitable. So what are some of the things that you should consider here?

It is often helpful to look to names that people have already chosen for their own children. By looking through these, you can determine whether any of them are going to be suitable for your own child. Let’s take a look now at the most popular baby names for September 2020, to give you some inspiration.

Girls’ Names

If you know that you are having a girl, here are some of the most popular girl names from September 2020 to choose from:

  1. Aaliyah - High exalted
  2. Khushi - Happiness
  3. Aditi - boundless
  4. Sakshi - Unknown
  5. Neha - Love; Rain
  6. Kailani - sea and sky
  7. Shruti - Shruti \sh-ru-ti\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Shruti sounds like Sharity, Chariti, Sharita, Shardei, Shardai, Sherita and Shirit. Other similar baby names are Shanti, Berti, Shura, Berrti, Shonta, Shaunta, Sheri, Sherai, Christi, Trudi, Marti, Shari, Serita, Sarita, Shadi, Shadai, Shante, Shandi, Shanta, Shantai, Sherri, Shasta, Shaunte, Shiri and Sherli.
  8. Divya - Divinely brilliant
  9. Pooja - Prayer
  10. Sahil - Unknown
  11. Komal - Tender
  12. Pallavi - New leaves
  13. Ankita - Conquered; A signet; Symbol
  14. Anjali - Offering
  15. Manisha - Manisha \m(a)-ni-sha\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Manisha sounds like Monisha. Other similar baby names are Maisha, Danisha, Janisha, Kanisha, Lanisha, Marisha, Marnisha, Malisha, Ranisha and Tanisha.
  16. Mansi - Plucked flower (Hopi)
  17. Ritika - Ritika \r(i)-ti-ka\ as a girl's name.

    Similar baby names are Gitika, Rita, Rivka, Rieka, Riecka, Rika, Ritta, Ritsa, Rifka, Ronika, Sitka, Ricka and Vitka.
  18. Sanjana - Sanjana \s(a)-nja-na, san-jana\ as a girl's name.

    Similar baby names are Santana, Sarajane and Sonja.
  19. Priya - Beloved
  20. Prachi - Morning
  21. Nisha - night
  22. Shraddha - Faithful
  23. Riya - Unknown
  24. Ayushi - Person who has a long life
  25. Kajal - Eyeliner
  26. Tanvi - Tanvi \t(a)-nvi, tan-vi\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Tanvi sounds like Danfy. Other similar baby names are Tani, Toni, Danni, Dani, Tavy, Tavie, Tavia, Tanea, Tanaia, Tandy, Tandie, Tanga, Tanis, Tansy, Tanzia, Tansia, Tanya, Tanja, Tania, Tanee, Tana, Tahni, Tava, Tawni and Taney.
  27. Nandini - A holy cow; Bestower of joy; Ganga
  28. Nidhi - Treasure
  29. Simran - Unknown
  30. Sana - brilliant; praise
  31. Preeti - Love
  32. Bhavana - Feelings; Sentiments
  33. Suhani - Pleasant.
  34. Priyanka - Beloved
  35. Varsha - Rain
  36. Alina - Fair
  37. Mahima - Greatness
  38. Srishti - Unknown
  39. Sky - Sky \s-ky\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Sky), is a variant of Skye (English). See for meaning of Sky.

    The baby name Sky sounds like Suky, Skie, Soki, Sokey and Sukey. Other similar baby names are Aki, Kay, Cay, Gay, Sal, Sam, San, Sib, Skyla, Sofy, Suzy, Susy and Sue.

  40. Bua - Bua \bua\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Bua sounds like Bea, Bao, Bay, Bee, Beea, Beah, Bo, Beau and Pia. Other similar baby names are Buna, Bel, Zuba, Byla, Baja, Bara, Beba, Baba, Bab, Bat, Beda, Bena, Bera, Beta, Bet, Bulah, Beula, Bev, Bina, Bora, Brea, Bria, Bri, Buena, Dea, Tea, Bit, Eba, Gia, Yna, Kia, Lia, Lea, Lu, Luba, Mia, Mea, Nia, Nea, Noa, Oba, Ria, Rea, Rue, Rui, Byna, Sue, Tia, Xia, Zea and Zia.
  41. Ariel - Lioness of God; lion of God
  42. Karan - Karan \k(a)-ran\ as a girl's name is a variant of Karen (Danish). See for meaning of Karan.

    The baby name Karan sounds like Karyn, Karon and Karin. Other similar baby names are Kara, Karman, Karas, Karah, Taran and Kalan.

  43. Journey - Journey \jo(ur)-ney\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Journey sounds like Jorene and Aurene. Other similar baby names are Jorey, Janney, Janey, Jenney, Jerrey, Jolene, Jonee, Jone, Joane, Joanne, Jonay, Jolyne, Joline, Jourdan, Jorry, Jorie, Jorden, June, Laurnea, Lorne, Marney, Norne, Ronney and Tierney.

  44. Sandhya - twilight
  45. Elora - Laurel crown; The crown of victory
  46. Vaishnavi - Unknown
  47. Bhavya - Grand; Splendid
  48. Mamta - Mother's love for child; Wife of sage Asija
  49. Kiara - Dark; black
  50. Poonam - Full moon

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