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Baby Girl Names That End With Isa

Here is a list of beautiful baby girl names that end with "isa."


Baby Names: 70

  Adelisa - Of the nobility; Noble

  Alaisa - noble, exalted

  Alisa - Of the nobility

  Allisa - great happiness

  Amarisa - Given by God

  Amisa - companion, friend

  Analisa - graced with God's bounty

  Anelisa - graced with God's bounty

  Anisa - Friendly; pleasant companion

  Annalisa - Favor; Grace

  Annelisa - Combination of Anne and Lisa.

  Annisa - pure, holy; satisfaction

  Brisa - The woman Achilles loved in Homer's Iliad.

  Carisa - Beloved; Dear; Darling

  Carlisa - free man

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