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170 Popular Cuban Baby Names

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Baby Names: 8

Fanuco - Free
Federico - Peaceful ruler; peaceful ruler
Filiberto - Filiberto \f(i)-liber-to, fil(i)-be-rto\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Filiberto sounds like Filberto, Filbert, Filberte and Wilberto. Other similar baby names are Gilberto, Alberto, Ailbert, Dilbert, Philibert, Fulbert, Gilbert, Ulberto, Liberto and Wilbert.
Floramaria - Floramaria \f-lorama-ria, fl(o)-ra-maria\ as a girl's name.

Floriano - Floriano \f-loria-no, fl(o)-riano\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Floriano sounds like Florino and Florian. Other similar baby names are Fabriano, Flaviano, Florinio, Floryan, Florrian and Florien.
Francisco - Free; A free man
Fredo - elf or magical counsel
Fructuosa - fruitful
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