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170 Popular Cuban Baby Names

Check out this list of popular names that are commonly used in Cuba.



Baby Names: 16

Macario - Happy
Macerio - Medieval weapon used by knights
Madeira - Sweet wine
Mar - Full of grace
Mariposa - Butterfly; butterfly
Markos - Warlike; Hammer; Defender; dedicated to Mars
Marquesa - Marquesa \m(a)-rque-sa, mar-quesa\ as a girl's name is a variant of Marquise (French). See for meaning of Marquesa.

The baby name Marquesa sounds like Marquisa and Marquessa. Other similar baby names are Marqueta, Marquita, Marquetta, Mareesa, Marquisha and Marchesa.
Martinez - Warring
Mauricio - Moorish; Dark-skinned; Moor land
Mayte - Love.
Melecio - careful, attentive
Miguel - Like God
Mingo - Mingo \m(i)-ngo, min-go\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Mingo sounds like Mungo and Manoach. Other similar baby names are Bingo, Dingo and Ringo.
Mirana - wonderful; peace; propserous
Montez - Mountain
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