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60 Nice Girl Names Starting With N

Here is a list of 60+ baby girl names that start with the letter N.



Baby Names: 68

Novalee - Chases butterflies. Combination of Nova and Lee.
Novella - Born at Christmas; new
Nya - lustrous; goal, purpose
Nyah - lustrous; goal, purpose
Nyasia - Sweet and Sensitive
Nyla - From the river Nile.
Nylah - Nylah \n(y)-lah\ as a girl's name is a variant of Nyla (English). See for meaning of Nylah.

The baby name Nylah sounds like Nela, Nola, Nailah, Nila and Nula. Other similar baby names are Kylah, Lylah and Nyah.
Nyomi - Nyomi \n-yomi, nyo-mi\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Nyomi sounds like Naomi, Neomi and Nayomi. Other similar baby names are Noemi, Noami, Neoma, Naomie, Naomia, Naoma, Nioma, Wyome, Wyomie and Wyomia.
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