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Unbelievable U Names For Baby Boys

Here is our list of baby boy names starting with the letter U.



Baby Names: 17

Ubaldo - Ubaldo \u-bal-do, ub(a)-ldo\ as a boy's name.

Similar baby names are Bald, Balto, Uberto, Tybald, Teobaldo and Ubadah.
Udale - From the yew tree valley; yew-tree valley
Ukiah - deep valley
Ulysses - The hateful one; Wounded in the tigh
Umberto - Umberto \u-mber-to, umb(e)-rto\ as a boy's name is of Italian origin. Variant of Humbert (Old German) "renowned Hun". A royal name in Italy. Author Umberto Eco.

Similar baby names are Uberto, Humberto, Lamberto, Umber and Umbro.

Umbro - shade
Umi - Life
Upchurch - From the upper church
Upwood - From the upper forest; upper forest
Urban - From the city; from the city
Uriah - God is my light; my light is Jehovah
Uriel - God is my light; angel of light; flame of God
Urien - Privileged birth
Urijah - my light is Jehovah
Ursus - bear
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