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Top 200 Girl Names For This Year So Far For 2017

Here is a list of the top 200 girl names for this year so far.



Baby Names: 197

Aaliyah - To ascend; rising, ascending
Ellie - Beautiful fairy woman
Sky - Innocent baby beautiful child.
Milani - gentle caress
Zeya - Success
Natalie - Born at Christmas
Sadie - Princess
Kailani - sea and sky
Aarika - Alternate Spelling: Erika Erica Ericka.
Elizabeth - Stranger; Lovely
Abigail - Head of a monastery
Brooklyn - Water; Stream
Isabella - God's oath
Aria - Gentle music
Ximena - Ximena \x(i)-me-na\ as a girl's name. Possibly a variant of Xenia, or an archaic Spanish form of Simone.

Baby names that sound like Ximena are Simona and Simeona. Other similar baby names are Jimena, Amena, Dimona, Kimana, Rimona, Siena, Sirena and Xena.
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