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C - Unisex Baby Names Starting With C

Here are some cool unisex baby names that start with the letter C.



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Cadhla - Handsome
Caelan - Caelan \ca(e)-lan\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Caelan), is pronounced KAY-lan, SHAY-lin. It is of Gaelic origin. Possibly a contemporary variant of Cilean (Scottish). Cailean relates to Saint Columba (see Calum) as Crisdean does to Christ and Moirean to Mary.

Caelan has 4 variant forms: Cailean, Cailin, Calan and Caley.

For more information, see also the related name Kaelan.

Baby names that sound like Caelan are Callan and Gaelan.

Cai - rejoice; happy, rejoice
Calvin - little bald one
Camyron - Bent nose
Carel - Strong
Carey - From the fortress
Carley - farmer's meadow
Carlie - Strong; Manly
Carly - Strong; Manly
Carolan - little champion
Caron - to love
Carry - Dear; Pleasant stream
Cary - Honest one; Shy
Caryl - man; free man
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