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40 Most Precious Feminine Nature Names

Here are 40 of the most precious feminine baby girl names related to nature.


Baby Names: 40

Amber - Brownish-yellow; Precious jewel
Autumn - Born in the fall; season of harvest
Aven - mountain avens
Azura - Sky-blue
Berry - One who brings victory
Bird - Bird \b(i)-rd\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Bird), is of English origin. Uncommon nature name. May also be a nickname for Bertha.

Bird has 4 variant forms: Birdey, Birdie, Byrd and Byrdie.

Baby names that sound like Bird are Birdy, Bert, Birta, Brid and Birte.

Blossom - Lovely; flower-like
Briet - thorny bush of wild roses, brambles
Bryar - thorny bush of wild roses, brambles
Camille - Camelia Flower
Clayton - Born of the earth; Clay
Clementine - Merciful
Dael - Lives in the valley; valley
Daelyn - Small valley.
Daisy - Day's eye; Flower name; day's eye
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